EagleGet Free Download For Windows 2017

EagleGet Free Download For Windows 2017

EagleGet Free Download For Windows 2017


It’s free of fee download that is all-in-one; it supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol also a favorite video clip that is websites.

EagleGet may be incorporated to Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, and uses technology that is the boost that is multi-threaded. It is the movie that is ad-free, and EagleGet may be the 1st download that is freeware that supports automatic refresh expired download links.

EagleGet Portable:

  • Extract the archive that is.exe that is self-extractingEagleGetProtable as much as a folder.
  • Appropriate click an.bat that is the file that is installed choose ‘Run as Administrator‘ allow it to be possible for the web browser monitoring.
  • Manually EagleGet that is Portable that is integrated Chrome Firefox:
  • Steps to Properly Integrate EagleGet with Google Chrome.
  • Steps to Properly Integrate EagleGet with Firefox.

Just how to Schedule Downloads in EagleGet?

It is just a download that is free is all-in-one; it supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocol because well as popular online video clip internet sites.

IE, Firefox, Opera, and utilizes technology that is a boost that is multi-threaded. This has the video clip that is ad-free, and EagleGet is the first download that is freeware that supports automated refresh expired download links.


  • Built-in Video Sniffer
  • Built-in rate limiter
  • Batch downloads function
  • Built-in download scheduler.
  • Support HTTP and SOCKET proxy.
  • Verify integrity of installed files
  • Support fully modified User-Agent.
  • Silent Mode (or Game Mode) function
  • Automatic run virus scan after download.
  • Optimized for HD and HTML5 web videos.
  • Automatic refresh expired download address.
  • Download file that is different to split files.
  • Import download lists off their download managers.
  • Aids computer software that is multi-language to 20 languages).
  • Monitor completed and tasks being running TaskMonitor.
  • Support MMS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and RTSP protocols

Accelerate downloads by utilizing technology that is multi-threaded, hibernate or rest computer after doing all transfers.

Portable EagleGet is an effective and software that is dependable developed to assist you in getting your chosen files through the internet, supporting several formats, not only papers but music that is additionally videos.

Setup is not required:

Being a standalone tool, its installation is not in any way necessary, which means you can run the self-extracting archive, then launch Portable EagleGet right away.

Moreover, this translates into the ability to carry the utility with you on a USB stick or similar data storage devices, using it on all compatible systems, without a trace left on the host PC.

When you copy a downloadable URL to your clipboard, Portable EagleGet automatically displays a window allowing you to add it as a new task. It supports multiple protocols, including HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP, so you can quickly grab the files that you need, in just a few mouse moves.

EagleGet Free Download For Windows 2017

 Working Of EagleGet:

Furthermore, the ‘Media Grabber’ component enables you to put in any track or film, merely by pasting the corresponding URL. Then you’re able to save it to virtually any the platforms that you can get qualities, rendering it easier to consider and share with others.

Portable EagleGet lets you schedule tasks that are download occur on any date, at a time that is user-defined so as not ever to affect your regular work. It allows you queue operations which are many that you have the ability to begin and pause during the push of a button.

Kind automatically organizes the saved files, specifically ‘Media,’ ‘Compressed,’ ‘Documents’ and ‘Others,’ for a lot of time that you will require to the office with immediately, without the need to try and find them so you can access things.


EagleGet Free Download For Windows 2017

A download supervisor that is handy:

In general, Portable EagleGet tells be considered a comprehensive and application that is user-friendly being forced to wait around forever to help make use of them that one may count on for the downloading needs, saving files through the Internet at an accelerated rate, sparing you.


Type immediately arranges the protected files, specifically ‘Media,’ ‘Compressed,’ ‘Documents’ and ‘Others,’ you access the things that you’ll want to have to work well with immediately to help greatly.

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