Eagleget Downloader Free Download for Android + Chrome Extension

One app that is such Eagleget Downloader Free Download for Android + Chrome Extension. Featuring support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, and RTSP, this can be a download accelerator that works standalone and may be integrated with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. It fundamentally offers you a speedier way of acquiring files, especially very people that are large.

EagleGet Portable Download Free For Latest [Win + Mac]

Eagleget Downloader Free Download for Android + Chrome Extension

Eagleget Downloader Free Download for Android + Chrome Extension:

Eagleget Downloader Free Download for Android + Chrome Extension is free of cost and runs an installation that is quick therefore the only bump in the manner can occur for those who have some of the supported browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera) open.

Other features include support for batch downloads, download scheduling, automatic sorting into custom categories, clipboard monitoring, checksum validation, and much more.

Features of Eagleget Downloader for Android + Chrome Extension:

  • Built-in rate limiter.
  • Built-in Video Sniffer.
  • Dock properties panel.
  • Batch downloads function.
  • Support schedule that is wholly cured
  • Support HTTP and SOCKET proxy.
  • Help completely customized User-Agent.
  • Detailed connection log for every task.
  • Verify integrity of installed files.
  • Silent Mode (or Game Mode) function.
  • Optimized for HD and HTML5 web videos.
  • Automatic refresh expired download address.
  • Automatic run virus scan after downing with one simple click.
  • Download file that varies to split up folders.
  • Support MMS, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and RTSP protocols.
  • Monitor completed and ran tasks with task monitor.
  • Import download lists from other download managers.
  • Supports screen that is multi-language to 20 languages).
  • Accelerate downloads using technology that is multi-threaded.
  • Aids drag-and-drop to rearrange the priority of downloads.
  • Download files in Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera with one click.
  • Shutdown, hibernate or sleep computer after finishing all transfers.

Importantly, it performs this without the necessity to restart meaning you don’t back need to visit square one, therefore saving both effort and time.

Why Use Eagleget Downloader Free Download for Android + Chrome Extension:

Another thing that is cool this program is the fact that it provides users with multiple means of being informed about their chosen packages.

Eagleget Downloader Free Download for Android + Chrome Extension

For instance, the alleged ‘Silent Mode’ allows users to temporarily switch off install notifications, perfect if one happens to be a thing that is doing in full-screen mode which may be interrupted in cases where a pop-up warning occurred. Mostly, you are allowed by the program to do more without increasing the body resources; this means to enhance your efficiency.

EagleGet For Windows:

EagleGet has appealing and interfaces that are modern it is free, user-friendly, completely configurable, and comes with a few additional tools that will make other media-related programs on your desktop redundant. Has a device that is easy-to-use manage your file packages and boost the install speed significantly. Permits you to download any files faster compared to the web browser downloader tool that is native.

EagleGet For Mac:

We are quite impressed using the work of designer behind EagleGet; it will be likely to be FlashGet that is positively replacing our desktop from today onwards. EagleGet is an excellent download manager by having a clean, pleasingly sparse interface and browser integration that is convenient.

Eagleget Downloader Free Download for Android + Chrome Extension


Connection parameters may be redefined concerning the quantity of retiree, a maximum number of threads, maximum simultaneous packages, download speed limit, immediately resuming downloads on startup, disabling pre-downloads, getting the date and time associated with file creation from the host, and also the user agent.

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