Avira Phantom VPN PRO / Crack Free Download

Avira Phantom VPN 2.8 PRO / 2.11 Crack Free Download

Avira Phantom VPN PRO / Crack Free Download
Avira Phantom VPN helps to improve security within the anonymity of the web, to guard the relationship through robust methods of encryption and usage of any or all sites and services.Avira that is online VPN is a brand new and application that works well gives all the enormous benefits of virtual private networks unobtrusively.Unlock forbidden sites and services and improve the safety of Net connections by utilizing modern and secure the VPN-service.Currently, one of the most significant ways to enhance the privacy of information and other user activity is to use a VPN.
Avira Phantom VPN helps to enhance security and anonymity on the net, protect the text through dependable encryption techniques and use of all internet sites and services that are online.
Avira Phantom VPN is just a new application that is effective gives most of the benefits of individual digital systems in a sort that is unobtrusive.
Unblock forbidden the sites and solutions and improve the safety of Internet connections by having a contemporary and VPN that is service that is dependable.
Presently, among the most readily useful methods to improve the privacy of information along with other user activity is to utilize VPN.
Delivered from the solitary associated with the leading vendors of antivirus software, Avira Phantom VPN simplifies the procedure of anonymous and surfing that is cyberspace that is secure and also assists to unlock websites and solutions that may be prohibited in particular regions in just a few mouse clicks.
Supplied by one of leading the vendors of antivirus software, Avira Phantom VPN simplifies the entire process of secret and surfing that is safe the world that is online helping unlock forbidden in specific specified areas of the websites and services is merely a few mouse ticks.


  • online anonymity – Changes your IP target
  • Secure encryption to Protects private communications
  • Unblock content to Watch your shows that are favorite anywhere
  • Simultaneous connections – Connect as many products while you like
  • Unlimited data usage – For premium customers
  • Free Tech help – For premium customers
  • Automatically secures systems that are untrusted For premium customers
  • Fast VPN – Runs silently in the background
  • No logs – Avira does not watch what websites pay a visit to
  • Easy to help make utilization of – On. Off. On. Off. It’s that simple
  • Masks IP address – Connect from any one of our servers in 20 countries

Whats New?

  • Anonymity on the net -Menyaet your IP-address
  • Secure encryption – Protect your correspondence
  • Access to blocked content – View your shows that are favorite around the globe
  • Simultaneous Connections – Connecting any wide range of products
  • unlimited data usage – for premium clients
  • Automatic protection on untrusted sites
  • Fast VPN network – quiet work with the background
  • Lack of magazines – Avira does not monitor those places you go to
  • Simple to make use of – included. Pull the plug on. Included. Switch off. Simply superb!
  • Masking the IP-addresses – interact with any of our servers situated in 20 nations

Other Features

Easy installation conversation and procedure that is simple
The application experiences an installation that is typical, and after that, the clear answer is included into the taskbar. The app works invisibly into the backdrop and after minimization does maybe not take up area concerning the toolbar.
All the features of virtual private networks are available by just pressing the “Connect” button on a user interface that is minimal.
The focus that is quality that is the main usability
A simple and easy logically designed user interface simplifies the relationship. The applying does maybe not provide advanced functionality, like advertising that is integrated or information compression function regarding the other hand. However, Avira Phantom VPN supports end-to-end that is reliable that is 256-bit.
The user can modify the country seamlessly connected with all the VPN server and configure the transfer of diagnostic data to Avira within the settings menu. Also, it is possible to set the service that is ongoing start immediately if the system starts.

Public Figure;

  1. Pro / Free * version because of the risk of resetting the traffic countertop just as the restriction is reached (about 3Gb) **
  2. The interface language is Russian / English; the others are deleted (choice when installing the OS that is Russian-language
  3. Blocking the program’s self-updates the difference that is main repacking the variation that is complimentary is going to be its less dependence on self-update.


  •    It is recommended, to begin with for folks who have a software and defensive that is cleaning will not allow repacking
  •    The procedures that are needed blocking this program that is auto-updated.
  •    Also, the Pro version makes use of the updated OpenVPN module from the text that occurs in the program at the time that is full the release.
  •   * distinctions of the repackaged version that is complimentary Pro are minimal. It’s also possible to zero the countertop traffic,
  • and its limit that is particular is 3Gb. Nevertheless the flattering includes a light variation interface (Pro – dark)
  •    and inside it’s perhaps not at all available (not particularly meaningful) the function “Blocking traffic when a VPN connection is disconnected.”
  •  ** The traffic countertop is reset by the AutoIt script available from the Start menu (Avira \ Reset Traffic Counter).
  •    The launch is completed through the Administrator in systems with all the included UAC.

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Avira Free Phantom VPN Download Full Free [Latest]

Avira Free Phantom VPN Download Full Free [Latest]

Avira Free Phantom VPN Download Full Free [Latest]

Avira Free Phantom VPN

It creates unique, unhackable passwords for the accounts, firmly shops them, then immediately logs you in. And it can be utilized by you on all your devices. Supported nations are Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherland, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA.

Avira’s VPN offering is easy-to-use and a performer that is solid albeit just a little overpriced for just what you receive. Secure your connection and private web interactions against online spies – even on global public WiFi hotspots – and gain freedom by changing your internet protocol address so you can anonymously access the world wide web that is entire.

Phantom VPN is good for film enthusiasts, globetrotters, gamers, website owners, security-aware and privacy-conscious people, you label it, and especially those who may from time to time use public/open WiFi systems.

With Avira Phantom VPN it does not matter just what OS you decide on to utilize, you’re covered. Whether on your smartphone or laptop computer, Avira Phantom VPN runs quietly in the background across multiple Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS devices and it will also operate on a few devices at when.


  • Easy to make use
  • Reasonable performance
  • Limited account that is doesn’t require registration


The German multinational Avira has launched Avira Phantom VPN, a free VPN service that provides Android smartphone and Windows PC a secure, encrypted and access that is anonymous the internet. Avira Phantom VPN ensures the browsing connection even if the PC is linked within an unsecured, general public community.

It masks your IP that is real address make you appear like you’re somewhere (and someone) else, to hold your identification and confidential tasks (e.g. bank transfers or calls) personal against any online intruders (individuals or organizations) who attempt to gather and exploit your information.

Avira Free Phantom VPN Download Full Free [Latest]

Configuration choices are held at the very least. Once installed, you might just turn Phantom off and on via an operational system tray symbol. Whether it should be launched whenever Windows starts if you head into the Settings dialog, you can not do much more than choosing your selected host location and determine.


  • No Logging
  • IP Masking
  • Protected ALL Traffic With High-Level Encryption
  • No Registration Required for Anonymous Accounts
  • Three various Plans for All Your internet needs that are surfing

Weary of one’s internet search engine tracking your queries? Avira SafeSearch is a browser expansion that highlights infected sites in – and provides you faster access to – your search engine results.

Avira Phantom VPN masks your IP target and encrypts your communications, evading snoops, confounding advertisers, and bypassing sites that are geo-restricted.

Our tune-up option would be cleverness that is critical:

It wipes any traces of one’s history that is online PC rate and frees up drive room when your’s.

Anonymizes your task (Privacy):

Avira Phantom VPN allows you to safely and anonymously see the Internet, constantly keeping your data that are personal.

Encrypts all your traffic (WiFi Security):

Avira Phantom VPN stops cybercriminals from seeing your information exchanges.

Opens internet that is international (Geo-Freedom):

Avira Phantom VPN gives you a far more web experience that is international.


  • English, German (more in the future!)

System needs:

  • Android 4.0.3 and soon after.
  • Traffic options in Free variation
  • 500MB/Month (unregistered)
  • 1GB/Month (with account registration)

It also conceals the actions also locations of the users. Avira which has made a mark in the area of AntiVirus now they will have come up having a VPN application which ensures that you surf the Internet safely and anonymously.

Avira Free Phantom VPN Download Full Free [Latest]

What’s New?

  • Unhackable
  • Encrypt your online traffic and secure your internet connection
  • Safely surf on general public WiFi hotspots (airport, coffee stores, etc.)
  • Block hackers from gaining usage of your personal computer

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