SMPlayer 17.5.0 Portable Download For Windows

SMPlayer 17.5.0 Portable Download For Windows

SMPlayer 17.5.0 Portable Download For Windows

SMPlayer 17.5.0 Portable:

SMPlayer 17.5.0 Portable, a cross-platform front-end that is MPlayer that is graphical and, has already reached the 17.1.0 Release that is last night.


With SMPlayer 17.1, you can deliver videos that are local channels that are online TV channels, YouTube or Vimeo videos from SMPlayer to Chromecast device. Just play an online video in SMPlayer, then choose the option “Play on Chromecast” from the Play menu. An internet site will probably be exposed (need Google Chrome or Chromium with Google Cast installed) and present the URL regarding the video.

Features Of SMPlayer 17.5.0 Portable:

  • Use MPV base alternatively of MPlayer.
  • Possibility to produce two subtitles at whenever.
  • Play videos from film sites, like Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Vevo and a whole lot that is entire.
  • SMPlayer includes a better performance compared towards the Flashplayer in a web browser, especially in old PCs.
  • Help for MKV ordered chapters.
  • Precise seeking.
  • Native assistance for VAAPI and VDA. Enhanced VDPAU.
  • Better support when planning on taking screenshots.
  • Complete choices dialogue, where you can transform the shortcuts that are original colours and fonts regarding the subtitles, and a great deal that is whole.
  • Filters. Numerous video and audio clip filters can be had: deinterlace, postprocessing, denoise… and a karaoke filter (voice removal).
  • Finding by mouse wheel. You may utilise your mouse wheel to have ahead or backwards from the movie.
  • The mouse buttons could additionally be individualised.
  • Video equaliser, allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and gamma-linked with movie image.
  • Numerous speed playback. You can play at 2X, 4X… and even yet in a slow movement.
  • Audio and subtitles delay modification. Lets you sync sound and subtitles.
  • Advanced choices, such as for instance choosing the demuxer or movie& noise codecs.
  • Possibility to search and download subtitles from
  • It may play YouTube videos. A YouTube browser is roofed.
  • Translations: presently SMPlayer is translated into a total many more than 30 languages, including Spanish,
  • German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese….
  • Possibility to enhance the style and symbol couple of the program.
  • Free and open source. SMPlayer is released under the GPL license.

Working Of SMPlayer 17.5.0 Portable:

But that’s just the start. Then once you are available that file once again SMPlayer will resume during the point where you left down, with whatever settings you’d at enough time (the quantity that’s real state): it remembers your full settings if you begin playing a video clip file but need definitely to take action else.
SMPlayer can search and download subtitles from
There is the wide-ranging control that is various.

Instruction Of SMPlayer 17.5.0 For Windows:

On video clip alone, for instance, there’s an Equaliser that allows one to contrast that is brightness that is tweak hue, saturation and gamma.You shall find filters to sharpen, blur or deinterlace movies, and eliminate the sound.
You will turn, flip or reflect the image; change playback speed in some means (plus or minus 4%, state); you need to screenshots that are a wide-ranging show, and immediately, and much more.

And a step-by-step choices dialogue assists you to customise every section of the program, through the file types you would like it to control, to keyboard shortcuts and mouse wheel functions, and some famous movie that is advanced settings which can be performance-related.

SMPlayer 17.5.0 Portable Download For Windows


Google Chrome web browser (or Chromium) utilising the Google Cast extension set up (or instead a smartphone or tablet using the Google Chrome internet web browser, if you’d like to control playback with a few of those devices)
Ubuntu and users that can be installed that is Debian package web F (Sudo apt-get install networks). This is the web that is small that SMPlayer will run so that you can serve local files to Chromecast.

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