FileFriend 1.3.4 Download Full Free For Pc [2017]

FileFriend 1.3.4 Download Full Free For Pc [2017]

FileFriend 1.3.4 Download Full Free For Pc [2017]

FileFriend 1.3.4:

FileFriend 1.3.4 is a straightforward application that has been developed to provide the capability of handling your files you might want, by permitting you to cut them into multiple parts or password protect certain documents, even files, to stop other people’s use of them.

FileFriend Download:

FileFriend is devoted to providing software that is free. Its first PC software, called FileFriend, gets the following features: encrypt or decrypt files and directories, hide files in JPEG files, extract files hidden in JPEG files, split large files into smaller subfiles, join subfiles to reconstruct the file that is original.
Encrypt: use it to encrypt a folder or file utilising a password you specify.

Features Of FileFriend Download For PC:

  • JPK: hide a file or a directory inside a JPEG image.
  • JTX: conceal text inside a JPEG image
  • Simple and usage that is intuitive
  • The utility comes with a look that is pretty basic resorting to tabs to separate its primary sections, namely ‘Split or Join’, ‘Convert’ and ‘JPEg Secrets’.
  • Cut and join files, protect all of them with a password or conceal data inside them
  • Utilising the ‘Split or Join’ part of FileFriend, the chance is had by you of cutting a document into two, four or eight components.
  • In addition, you can enter the favoured level of subfiles in the container that is assigned.
  • FileFriend even makes it possible to separate the file into sections of a size that are for certain.
  • View images in popular formats: JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, WBMP.
  • MPO(a file that is multi-Picture): View, Create from JPEG files, Extract JPEG files from MPO file.
  • EJPG(the JPEG that is an encrypted file): View, Convert to and from JPEG files.
  • The 2nd image is encoded): View, Create from JPEG files, Extract the 2nd picture, Remove the second image dualPhoto( a file format which contains two JPEG images in one file.
  • PL(the Photo List file structure): View, Create from JPEG files, Extract JPEG files from PL file.
  • EMPO(the MPO that is encrypted) View, Convert to and from MPO.
  • EPL(the Encrypted PL): View, Create from JPEG files, Extract JPEG files from EPL file.
  • Format Conversion: GIF/PNG/TIFF/BMP/WBMP to JPEG (All frames of GIF/TIFF are conserved).
  • Format Conversion: GIF/TIFF to PNG (All frames are saved).
  • Format Conversion: create TIFF that is multi-frame BMP/JPEG/PNG files.
  • Image Resizing: JPEG, BMP, PNG.

What’s New?

  • Photo orientation (JPEG/TIFF) is supported in structure and loading conversion.
  • Background colour: you’ll either select certainly one of the predefined colours or choose your personal colour that is favourite.
  • Auto-play: you can let pictures which can be multi-frameTIFF/MPO/EMPO/PL/EPL) play animations immediately or not.
  • Animation speed: animation rate of multi-frame images (GIF/TIFF/MPO/EMPO/PL/EPL) can be changed.
  • View images with impacts: e.g., You can increase brightness regarding the picture to see dark elements of the film more plainly, or perhaps you can see it in warm/cold colour, etc.
  • Maximal memory: you can set memory that is maximal by this system.
  • Switch directory: you can change images in sibling directories.
  • Frame by framework watching: you will see multi-frame images (GIF/TIFF/MPO/EMPO/PL/EPL) framework by frame.
  • Lock display area: this might be very helpful when comparing two images of this size that is exactly same.
    Rotate or flip the image without affecting the image file.
  • Image order: by file name, file format, file size or modification that is last and time.

FileFriend 1.3.4 Download Full Free For Pc [2017]

Working Of FileFriend:

The tab that is 3rd you encrypt any file or folder. Finally, the check that is fourth you to password protect your jpeg files because well as hide files inside your jpeg pictures. Each section has a couple of options which are additional, but once again this 1 is an easy task to utilise and a must-have for anyone attempting to guard their files. There isn’t any help file, but you won’t be requiring it.

Just what’s brand new in this version?

1 JPEG secrets: conceal records dialogue have some notes added and buttons repositioned. 2. Join: check output file exist or maybe not, read-only or perhaps not.

FileFriend 1.3.4 Download Full Free For Pc [2017]

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