CleanMail Home With Crack Full Version Free Download

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CleanMail Home With Crack Full Version Free Download

CleanMail Home is the first antispam and antivirus filter, designed from the start to provide complete email security. In essence, it protects you from spam and all kinds of email-borne malware, such as viruses and phishing messages, as well as install and use it as easy as possible. No more spam and viruses, just clean up the mail! Everyone hates spam, and no matter how often they mark their messages as spam, they keep coming.

CleanMail Home With Crack Full Version Free Download

CleanMail Home With Crack Full Version Free Download

The program comes with a capable antispam engine called SpamAssassin. It allows you to configure various filters, which can be updated automatically, depending on the messages received. Thunderbird or MS Outlook. Installing the program is not difficult. The procedure does not involve complex configurations and only takes a few minutes to complete since the program can block spam messages while working silently in the background. Its tabbed interface can be seen on the screen by clicking the icon in the system tray. CleanMail Home Crack provides you with real-time traffic statistics for inbound and outbound connections as well as various event logs and reports, flexible search function and more. The first time you start the application, the QuickStart Wizard will help you perform some initial settings, such as specifying an address, listening port, storage folder, and more. The Settings tab, located on the main interface, is where you can configure a wide range of filters.

CleanMail Home Download

  • CleanMail Home allows you to create filters for attachments, fingerprints, blacklists, whitelists and of course SpamAssassin filters. All filters are designed with specific instructions provided by different treatments. In some instances, it is enough to specify keywords to block addresses, domains or attachments. Alternatively, you can reconfigure your current filters. The program comes with a series of filters, which you can start editing by clicking on a small icon, along with its inputs. The procedure is similar to creating a new screen, but you will find some examples, written in specific input fields.


  • The award-winning SpamAssassin Engine: CleanMail combines the most advanced and efficient antispam technologies in one powerful solution. It comes with a full suite of different spam filters, including the award-winning SpamAssassin engine and the built-in spam trap to keep your spam filter updated automatically by training the Bayes database with incoming spam emails.
  • Antivirus: CleanMail integrates the Clam Anti-Virus package and also supports all popular virus scanners to protect you from all types of virus attacks that are sent via email.
  • Attachment Filter – CleanMail’s built-in Attachment Filter blocks all types of harmful email attachments. It is pre-configured to reject all kinds of accessories known as potential virus carriers.
  • DNS Blacklist (DNSBL) Filter: CleanMail checks the IP addresses of incoming email messages against the DNS blacklists containing known spam migration hosts. The DNSBL filter rejects all mail sent by a blacklisted host.

What’s New

  • This shows that relying on the necessary antispam measures that come with most email clients is not enough. CleanMail Home offers better protection against spam and the possible threats contained in those messages. Antivirus is another feature of CleanMail Home. By default, it integrates with Clam Anti-Virus, but you can select other programs, such as Kaspersky, Avast, Avira, etc. while doing the initial settings.

CleanMail Home With Crack Full Version Free Download

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  • With CleanMail, you can access online to view statistics and report diagrams in real-time using a web browser or the CleanMail Admin application. Online data includes spam statistics, mail logs (a list of received messages, including subject, sender and recipient address) and the layout of spam servers (spam messages in the last 24 hours). Calendar and contacts, based on the Cleanmail Trusted Domain Portal filter. Professional solution with high availability and a wide range of group program functionalities.


  • The program allows you to create various filters, block emails, based on addresses, domains, attachments and more. CleanMail Home can update the filters automatically and can be integrated with different antivirus programs.


  • There are no serious flaws to mention.
  • Thanks to advanced filtering capabilities, CleanMail Home can keep your system secure against any suspicious email.

Latest Version

  • CleanMail Home is a software product developed by Byteplant Gmbh and is listed in the spam category. CleanMail Home is a free software product that is fully functional for an unlimited period, although there may be other versions of this software product. You can run CleanMail Home on Windows XP / Vista.

Product Key

  • 2W3VT-5TU87-T5RF4-8UFR5-MXC67
  • WDS40-OOP98-XDK89-DWE67-DS34M

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