NxFilter 4.1.1 Download Full FREE [2017]

NxFilter 4.1.1 Download Full FREE [2017]

NxFilter 4.1.1 Download Full FREE [2017]

NxFilter 4.1.1:


NxFilter 4.1.1 is just a web-filter that is freeware for monitoring and filtering Internet task inside an enterprise environment. An essential requirement worth taking under consideration is so it does not increase the danger of OS stability problems that it doesn’t write brand new entries to the Windows registry.

Features Of NxFilter 4.1.1:

  1. Application control
  2. Safe-search enforcing
  3. Dual policy for free-time and work-time
  4. Four kinds of individual authentication

*IP-based verification
*Password based verification
*LDAP verification
*Single sign-on with Active Directory

  • Blocking by domain category
  • Limitless custom categories
  • Built-in GUI
  • Dashboard and reporting
  • Runs Windows that is everywhere including
  • Whitelist and Blacklist centered on domain keyword and matching looking
  • DNS query log search with different conditions
  • Internationalized domain title help
  • Email alert
  • Syslog exportation

No setup necessary, aside from Java:

This will be an application that is Java-based doesn’t need just about any configuration, provided that Java is set up regarding the Computer. This means it anywhere on the hard disk drive become in a position to work with NxFilter you could keep.

Obtain the DNS host installed and operating:

By accessing the “Network and Sharing Center panel,” you can choose the TCP / IP protocol to configure for employing a DNS host that is the specific target. Considering that the system is a DNS that is forwarding server you can apply the correct approach to establishing a DNS server for individual policies.

Web interface with limited sites:

From this aspect on, NxFilter can be accessed from any browser by visiting its dashboard in the host that is local. It shows two graphs with the traffic and block trend, providing you with the likelihood to prevent hosts that are remote on IP addresses, LDAP or password authentication method, in purchase to avoid suspected malware attacks, as an example.

Overall, a reliable DNS tool that is filtering:

Considering every one of the above, NxFilter proves become a trusted DNS application that is percolating allows you to monitor and limit permissions for all Internet task, along with to detect and block malware or botnet work by analyzing the DNS packet.

NxFilter 4.1.1 Download Full FREE [2017]


Despite the fact that it is faster and lighter compared to the web-proxy that is conventional filtering, DNS filtering had its very own restriction in days gone by. It would not support proper authentication. This is normal because DNS protocol comes with verification scheme. It was the obstacle that is biggest for a DNS-filter become employed in a real-world enterprise environment.

However being a DNS-filter, NxFilter provides four types of authentication means of user identification.
Internet protocol address based verification

  1. Password-based verification
  2. LDAP authentication
  3. Single sign-on with Active Directory
  4. With NxFilter you can differentiate users and use filtering that is different.

NxFilter 4.1.1 Download Full FREE [2017]

What Is New?

  1. Just enables IP address for AD/LDAP host.
  2. Embedded Tomcat updated to v7.0.57.
  3. Proxy level domain redirection added.
  4. Bypassing IP host from forwarding query
  5. Custom question parsing bug fixed.
  6. Java mail API updated to v1.5.1.

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