zillya antivirus free download Crack 2020 For android + windows

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zillya antivirus free download Crack 2020 For android + windows

Zillya! Antivirus is a security solution designed to help protect your computer from viruses and other malware threats. Its purpose is to scan the files that are accessed to prevent infections from working on your computer, the program’s easy-to-use interface and provides quick access to the most used functions. Therefore, you can start a custom scan or a full scan of the computer from the main window, which also allows you to configure the scan parameters. You can use the program to scan the system to find and remove potentially dangerous files.

Zillya! Antivirus Full Version Free Download

zillya antivirus free download Crack 2020 For android + windows

You can also check emails and autorun files from USB storage devices to block any suspicious behaviour, and the app also presents options to filter incoming email messages, thus avoiding any attempt to infect the computer. Emails received are automatically reviewed by Zillya! Antivirus, and if any unusual attachments or links are found, you are notified that the message has not been opened. In addition to emails, Zillya! Antivirus can also scan running programs and applications and look for malware effects. A useful feature is the exam planner, which allows you to allocate time to run periodic analyzes. Unfortunately, it only supports one entry and does not include the option to create an additional scan. Sends suspicious files to quarantine to ensure protection, like most antivirus solutions, Zillya! Provides the opportunity to isolate potentially dangerous files and exclude specific data from scheduled scans.

Zillya! Antivirus Download

  • It supports heuristic scanning and allows you to set a default action to process detected files automatically. Scanning speed is decent, and the app had a moderate effect on computer performance during the process. If you are looking for an antivirus solution, Zillya! Antivirus software must be on the list of eligible applications. Zillya! Antivirus monitors the connection of portable devices to USB ports, and email filter protects the system against threats penetrating through messages.


  • Zillya! Antivirus software takes 200 MB of system memory, which is 50-100% less than current antivirus products. Lightweight but practical scanning algorithms do not slow down even tasks that require performance.
  • Zillya! Antivirus uses a straightforward user interface that will be attractive to any PC user. For starters, it provides easy access to critical functions, and for professionals, it gives power and flexibility in configuration.
  • All settings are intuitively grouped into categories that allow for quick product understanding and more natural interaction.
  • Zillya! Antivirus software automatically monitors and displays the level of system protection in the System Status section of each window.

zillya antivirus free download Crack 2020 For android + windows

What’s New

  • Zillya! Antivirus is a Ukrainian team of professionals in the field of computer information security. We conduct an hourly analysis of malware activity, review customer feedback, and do market research. Due to our excellent performance, we have more than 1,500,000 clients in Ukraine. All of them contributed to the continuous improvement of Zillya! Antivirus Today, we offer you high-quality, simple and useful software products. Now our goal is to bring a simple, reliable and high-quality antivirus solution to the market. Zillya! It is a cloud-based antivirus program that also integrates ClamAV into an offline scanning program.

How To Crack

  • The program’s interface shows protection level at all times, allowing you to access any of its tools with one click. Additional tools included in Zillya! Antivirus software includes continuous anti-malware protection and an automatic email filter, which will detect any dangerous or potentially harmful items and send them to the spam folder. Zillya! Antivirus is an exciting alternative for users with less powerful computers because it allows them to protect adequately without consuming all of their resources.

Latest Version

  • The free version of Zillya! Antivirus software has real-time protection that only works if your computer is connected to the Internet. However, offline scanning can be enabled by running the ClamAV drive from the setting. If you are a superuser, the TETRA Engine, which is Bitdefender Engine, can be enabled for offline scanning. The good thing about Zillya! It is that you can run it with another antivirus without conflicts. Zillya today! The team is expanding its presence in a global antivirus software market based on extensive experience in providing security for end-users, companies and government organizations in Ukraine.

Product Key

  • 37UKM-ZCO76-PLO87-SW9U8-32WSD
  • A2W4R-TF3C5-EWC23-23RD6-45FT6

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