Tampermonkey 4.3.6 Download Free [Latest]

Tampermonkey 4.3.6 Download Free [Latest]

Tampermonkey 4.3.6 Download Free [Latest]

Tampermonkey Download:

Tampermonkey 4.3.6 is a free web browser expansion and the absolute most user script supervisor that is popular. It is available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, Dolphin Browser and Firefox.

Tampermonkey 4.3.6 For Android:

TamperMonkey is in beta, therefore keep that in your mind when it is given by you a try. It works great, however, when it doesn’t, it may be a bit irritating when it works. When you have TamperMonkey set up though, for as long it to see the Web, your user scripts will remain in impact as you utilise. If you’d like to put in a new one, just go to your website where it’s hosted and use it.

Features Of Tampermonkey 4.3.6:

  1. Edit and handle your entire user scripts.
  2. Enable and disable two clicks to your scripts.
  3. Complete access that is unsafeWindow.
  4. Script synchronisation via Chrome Sync.
  5. Settings and text import and export functionality.

Tampermonkey 4.3.6 IOS:

All GM_* functions GM_registerMenuCommand that is including, GM_getResourceURL, and GM_notification.
Tampermonkey provides a dashboard that is intuitive where you can include brand new user scripts, organise your scripts, replace the expansion settings and additionally exports them to your computer. You can write your scripts utilising the built-in editor, which includes basic functions such as ‘Search’, ‘Replace’, ‘Jump to line’ and ‘Insert constructor’ if you’d like to.

Tampermonkey 4.3.6 Download Free [Latest]

Tampermonkey 4.3.6  Opera:

Keep in your mind that it’s not all user script will work with TamperMonkey because lots of the sites you see while searching on your phone that is free will tweaked to loose pages, or redirect you automatically. It might be good if TamperMonkey had user agent switching built-in, but even as we noted, it’s in beta. TamperMonkey normally designed for Google Chrome, therefore, the Chromium browser regarding the desktop, and improves the support that is Greasemonkey both browsers.

Working  Of Tampermonkey:

Tampermonkey gives you convenience that is a lot handling your user scripts. It provides features like easy script installation, automatic update checks, a simple overview what scripts are running on a tab and an editor that is integrated.

Tampermonkey 4.3.6 Download Free [Latest]

It is possible to import and export your characters and settings via some cloud that is attractive solutions (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive).

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